Welcome to the future. 

Peter Bachschuster says: “Good architecture also always answers future questions too.“ With this, he does not only mean the face of fascinating architecture which functions as the messenger of completely new views but much more. The architecture office’s success has been founded from the start on that which we can only guess at today: growth and change. We don’t think here “at the present“ but “in the future“. How will demands in life and area need change? What does progressive building technology look like? The team is prepared for this in the consultation and with the first lines drawn in a plan. Even more: future developments in architecture are actively co-designed. 

It is precisely this way of thinking which has won Bachschuster Architektur GmbH many local, national and above all international competitions and this approach is also why the Peter Bachschuster architectural team is in the meantime a worldwide consultant. There are branches and collaborations in Germany, Croatia, India, South Africa, and China. 

Bachschuster Architecture means always being trend-setting: in innovation, energy efficiency and development possibilities for land and buildings. It is precisely for this reason that Bachschuster Architecture is very often trend-setting for the whole of Europe and also worldwide. If you are looking for an architecture office which can build the future … Welcome!