How will we work, experience mobility, and live in the future?

We, working together with the Technical University of Munich and acting through the Institute for Interdisciplinary Regional Management (iiRD), initiate innovative concepts which are to create planning basics to manage integrated economic and residential areas. Topics of urban planning, area planning, architecture, economic geography and sociology are defined as new disciplines. Research, science and practical projects are concerned with developing economic areas worldwide ...

  • Optimised traffic systems based on real-time data
  • Planning and management supply and sanitation infrastructures
  • Managing social mobility in career, urban, and country living
  • Planning and supporting business settlement decisions
  • Supporting the set-up of “Smart Cities“

Town and area planning are not only examined as architectural design functions but above all as socio-economic functions which illustrate productivity processes and thus enable a new type of added value.

The ever increasingly popular sign for phase “O“ (from the actual service provision according to the German HOAI Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers) urgently needs its own specialist discipline as neither a profession nor enough standards have existed up to the present. We, as an institute partner are significantly involved in setting up these new planning processes and are integrating our whole international knowledge into it.

Current projects ...

  • Applying new simulation and planning tools for international reference regions (the Gulf region, Southeast Asia, Latin America) in cooperation with authorities and industry
  • Setting up a Bavarian platform to digitalise location management and marketing
  • Developing an international competence network for leading standings in digital location management and exchanges between researchers, students and those responsible for locations

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