Victory: A nursery school for Ukunda

“Helping people to live where they are so that they don’t have to flee where they assume a better life waits for them.“, is the motivation for Peter Bachschuster in partnership with the  Rotary Club Ingolstadt-Kreuztor, to champion this Ukunda Project. Ukunda is a coastal town in Kenya. What however, many tourists don‘t notice is the extreme poverty of the population far away from the hotels. Many children don’t have the chance to attend nursery schools or schools because there are school fees in Kenya which their parents can’t afford. Clean drinking water and enough food is also lacking besides basic education. Now even constructing a school with stone buildings is necessary due to a change in the law in Kenya. Peter Bachschuster has already travelled many times to Ukunda, to carry out building and infrastructure measures. Would you like to help too? We appreciate your donation to the


Förderverein Rotary Club Ingolstadt-Kreuztor e. V.
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